Name Joris Vergeer
Address ********
Postcode/Location ******** Woerden
Phone +31 6 39398619
Date of birth 24 May 1992
Nationality NL
Languages English, Dutch (native)
Driving license Yes – B (Sinds jan-2012)


2005 – 2010 HAVO N/T: Kalsbeek college, woerden
2010 – Present Computer Science at the University of Applied Science Utrecht
2011: Propedeuse
Home Automation
Computer Vision
Agent Technology
2011 – 2014 Honors program (Computer Science with Honors)
2012 – 2013 Internship at Lely Industries (dairy robot software)
2013 – 2014 Minor TMO (Technical multidiciplinear design)
Control theory
System identification
2014 – 2014 Graduation internship at Alten PTS (Quadcopter/UAV/Wireless AP)
2014 Graduated at the University of applied Sciences Utrecht


Programming languages C, C++, C++11, Java, Python, PIC Assembly, ARM Assembly
Management Agile, SCRUM, LaTeX
Web languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JSP
Graphics OpenGL, OpenGL ES 1, OpenGL ES 2, GLSL
Databases SQL, SQLite, MongoDB
Operating Systems Embedded Linux, Android, Android Native, Windows
Platform ARM, PIC, AVR, X86


2008-2009 Interior maintenance at DCS Cleaning organization, Bodegraven
2011-2012 Teaching assistant at the University of applied Science Utrecht
2012-present Volunteer at a local alternative youth club (K’77)Since 2014 the official ICT guy within the organization
2012 – 2013 Internship at Lely Industries (dairy robot software)During this internship I worked with the dairy robot software. My main task was to refactor the code and to port is to windows for unit testing. Other tasks I did during this internship was working on some hardware related bugs and building test applications to test and verify communication between different systems.
2014 Graduation internship at Alten PTS (Quadcopter/UAV/Wireless AP)During this project I build the software for a Quadcopter that provides a WiFi connection in remote places.


Android Programmer Since I got my first Android phone I am developing apps. I have a successful app in the Market with a little over 10.000 users. It’s the timetable app for my University.
Guitar Occasionally I like to play some songs when I am alone.
Volleyball I love to sport and since my youth I played in a volleyball team. Unfortunately for my sport career I had to move. I stopped in 2012 to do my internships and finish my education. After my education was finished I immediately returned to my old team and I have played volleyball ever since.