[SOLVED] Problems with HU Timetable app

The problems have been resolved

Dear users,

There are problems with the HU Timetable app. The servers from the HU are not able not handle the huge amount of users. Therefore the HU is rejecting all traffic since today from the app without telling me they experienced problems.

This results in that all users are unable to access their timetables using the app.

Currently I am trying to resolve the issues with the HU and Eveoh (creator of MyTimetable). I really hope this can be sorted out. Especially for the people who bought the paid version.

Hope for the best


Another new HU Timetable version

This time the app is completely rewritten. The newest version uses MyTimetable to gather the timetable information.

This version is thoroughly tested and I consider it stable.

Some new features are:

  • Used MyTimetable in the background (so login is ow required)
  • Support for course, staff and location timetables
  • Interactive browsing trough timetables
  • Colors in the current week to indicate your current of next lesson

Also the old caching feature is available.

More information here

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play

Graduation project #needed# – Found

Hello world,

In a couple of months (as in I have to start February 2014) I am going to start the last part of my 4 year course to become a computer engineer. Therefore I need a graduation project.

I am looking for a project in which I can use a lot of my talents. Also I would like to work on a new product in the research phase that hopefully involve robotics, home automation, Linux or other embedded applications.

Do you know or are a company that can offer my such graduation project I would like to hear from you.

Yours sincerely,

Joris Vergeer

Thanks for Alten for the graduation project.

First post

Since joproduct is gone (related to some problems with canceled domain names and stuff) so I need a new website and domain for my stuff. In the coming weeks I will be updating this site.